A Video Case

Promo Video: Fire Tech

Promo Video: Fire Tech Mission College Fire Tech Program Video 2019 Paragon Award winner for the nation’s best short-form Promotional Brand Video awarded by the National Council for Marketing & Public Relations. A video project used to teach a 4-day Stanford University Continuing Studies class, where class participants learned and participated in all aspects of… Continue reading Promo Video: Fire Tech

Tech: Event Intro

Tech: Event Introduction https://vimeo.com/674687006 Corporate Event Introduction Video Gigamon An intro video for a corporate SKO event. Roles: Director of Photography, Editor, Colorist Previous Next

Spotlight: Silence Breakers

Spotlight: Silence Breakers https://vimeo.com/575642898 Silence Breakers An interview with one of Time Magazine’s 2017 Person of the Year, Adama Iwu.  Roles: Director of Photography, Editor, Finishing Editor, Producer, Videographer, Colorist Previous Next